MOTION PICTURE (Industry Cluster)


  • Tennessee ranks 7 among all states in the nation for employment in the motion picture production industry cluster
  • Motion Picture and Production cluster employment in Tennessee is approximately 4,395 (Directors, Producers, Editors, camera operators, sound mixers)
  • In addition, over 220 business locations operating within this industry cluster
  • Tennessee workers employed in the sector earn $59,796 in annual average wages, which is 8{072088a2481e2d6d615792502de5cdfcab37ebfc9ed7ca504f00b1683f4fc2c8} higher than the average wage for all industries in the state
  • From 2010 to 2016, Tennessee employment in motion picture and video production grew 12{072088a2481e2d6d615792502de5cdfcab37ebfc9ed7ca504f00b1683f4fc2c8}
  • The latest reports, Tennessee’s motion picture and video production industry made purchases totaling $145.7 million
  • Increase in Enrollment in relevant entertainment programs, in 2015, Tennessee institutions awarded 1,102 certificates and degrees
  • Motion Picture and Video Production is projected to grow 3{072088a2481e2d6d615792502de5cdfcab37ebfc9ed7ca504f00b1683f4fc2c8} over the next five years

FILM FUND (Economic Impact)

  • An estimated $228.3 million in new incomes for Tennessee workers were generated from 50 incentivized production projects that took place from 2007 – 2015.
  • The projects created over 4,000 new full-time equivalent Tennessee jobs while generating $370.8 million in economic output for the state.
  • These projects operated in the state for 7,346 total production days over the course of the analyzed time period, which includes pre-production, production and post-production operations.


“NASHVILLE” (economic impact+ tourism)

  • Season 5 was CMT ‘s most-watched original telecast in network history.
  • Viewed in + 82 international markets per week
  • Over $225 million spent over 5 years on Tennessee labor, goods and services
  • Contracted with 500 + Tennessee vendors and companies
  • Employees up to 250 full time works & 8000 extras per season
  • 18{072088a2481e2d6d615792502de5cdfcab37ebfc9ed7ca504f00b1683f4fc2c8} of overnight visitors who watch “Nashville” indicated the show as their motivating factor to visit Nashville
  • OF overnight visitors to TN (where the show was the motivating factor) approximately $157.8 million was spent in the state each year
  • THIS equates to $486.7M in visitor spending and $34.0M in state sales tax revenue & $10.9M in local over the three years following the show’s premiere in 2012 from tourism dollars.


MUSIC (Industry Cluster)

  • The music cluster comprises 6,725 Tennessee jobs with approximately 1,088 business locations across the state.
  • 1 for employment and for workforce concentration in music publishing
  • 1 for workforce concentration and No. 2 for total employment in record production
  • 2 for workforce concentration and No. 3 for statewide employment in integrated record production/distribution
  • 2 for workforce concentration and No. 3 for employment in the musical groups and artists industry Employment

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