Our collective, statewide effort is about the basics:  To provide advocacy & lobbying initiatives to the Governor’s Administration and legislators in the Tennessee House and Senate in order to increase recurring funding for our statewide film, television, music and entertainment industries. This is to positively impact thousands of jobs, sustaining families, film & television incentives, human capital development through workforce training and focused educational curricula, expansion of high-paying professions, opportunities for students after they graduate, Tennesseans owning & distributing their own content to be distributed to US & international markets, developing networks among related entertainment fields, supporting all communities benefitting from increased tourism driven by entertainment content, and increasing pragmatic resources to grow all of the above.


  • Core volunteers involved in the successful passing of the Visual Content Act 2006, which launched our state’s first-ever film incentives, have come together from Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville and all corners of the state to support the updated, expanded Visual Content Act legislation passed in 2018 — including a lobbyist who was the primary legislative force from 2006 that championed the Visual Content Act 2006 and the appropriation that started it all.
  • The Tennessee Entertainment Alliance is powered by pro bono volunteers who care.
  • Your voice matters — please join with Tennessee Entertainment Alliance supporters and allies across the state.


  • Generate and sustain new opportunities for creative, business and production personnel in film, television, gaming, music, digital media, theatre, dance and related arts industries for citizens across the State of Tennessee.
  • Develop greater equity and lender financing acumen and resources to help grow and sustain the entertainment industries across the State of Tennessee.
  • Facilitate export of Tennessee-made projects via all distribution means to US and international markets, whereby revenues from global sources can be returned to citizens and companies in Tennessee, re-capitalizing creation, production and distribution of more properties to enable a self-sustaining entertainment industry economy.
  • Support workforce development education and vocational training.
  • Establish and maintain a productive and supportive relationship with the Tennessee Entertainment Commission.


  • Draft and support 2018 legislation updating and expanding the scope of the Visual Content Act [VCA] 2006
  • Draft and support legislation for an increased, justifiably recurring appropriation to support the updated and expanded VCA.
  • Repeat annually, with provisions to update and enhance VCA legislation, as necessary.


  • Online platform for citizens across Tennessee to sign their support for increased funding for film, television, music & related industries.
  • Egalitarian representation across the state of Tennessee.
  • Relationships with legislative sponsors and supporters in TN House and Senate.
  • Maintain lobbyists who have substantial and successful experience with legislation and navigating state government processes.
  • Maintain relationship with County Mayors of Tennessee to provide potential opportunities for all 95 counties regarding possible new shooting locations across the diverse topography of Tennessee, and encouragement of citizens in each county to have access to training, employment or new project creation in the visual content and related industries.

Sign here to show your support for increased, recurring funding to sustain and grow opportunities across the state of Tennessee related to film, television, video-gaming, computer-graphic imaging, music for visual content, and all integrated media.

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